Monday, October 20, 2014

Fat freezing works - non invasive liposuction or coolsculpting

Coolsculpting in Chicago this is 2 months result of fat freezing - coolsculpting look at the definition you can get without pain and recovery associated with a typical liposuction  it would take alot of gym time :-(

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thicker hair coverage brings more confidence - robotic ARTAS transplant without linear scars

50 yo male crown and temple reconstruction with robotic hair transplant using ARTAS robot. 2000 follicular units were transplanted. these are 10 months results

Silicone implants through the armpit - perfect way to have brast augmented without breasts scars

If you have never been completely happy with the size, lift or shape of your breasts, or if your breasts have begun to lose form and sag from age, having a breast augmentation could be right for you.

Dr. Gregory Turowski has been performing breast augmentation procedures since 1996.  In fact, it was he who perfected the endoscopic breast augmentation procedure with silicone implants.
​ And both textured and shaped implants can be now placed this way under the muscle through an armpit incision​
This breast enhancement surgery is brilliant.  The effects are seen almost immediately after surgery.  And the only incision is a little cut in the armpit. 
 As anyone who has had a breast implant will tell you, breast enhancement is an art.  The surgeon you want to have performing this procedure should be one not only skilled and experienced in the technical side, but with a true aesthetic sense as well.  Additionally you need a plastic surgeon that is willing to listen to what you want and are looking for regarding your breasts.  How large do you want your breasts to be?
 Most women are looking for a breast augmentation procedure that will provide them with beautiful, natural-looking breasts without leaving any visible scarring.
 This is Dr. Turowski’s specialty.  With the endoscopic breast augmentation procedure and his artist’s eye, women come out of surgery with the size, shape, feel and symmetry of breasts they’ve always wanted, and without any visible scarring.
 The shaped silicone implants used by Dr. Turowski are made to the highest standards by Sientra.  Before your surgery, the doctor will go over with you in detail the size and shape of breast you are looking for. He’ll show you the implants available as well as before and after pictures to give you an idea of the variety of looks available.
 The first step of the procedure is the marking of the breasts with a surgical pen to outline the position where the implants will be placed.  The surgery itself is performed under
​deep sedation
 to ensure both your safety and comfort during the procedure.
Dr. Turowski will then make a small incision in the underarm area; here the scar will eventually be hidden in the natural folds of the skin.  The doctor will now use a special instrument call the Keller Funnel to aid him in placing the silicone implant.  One of the advantages to Dr. Turowski using this particular tool is that it avoids any contact between the implant and the armpit skin.
Using an endoscope, Dr. Turowski will carefully place the implant in its proper position within the breast.  (An endoscope is a long, thin tube with a camera at the end and is used to help the surgeon with precise and accurate movement and placing of the implant.) The silicone implants can be placed beneath the chest muscle (pectoralis) with precision. 
Once the implant is correctly and aesthetically inserted within the breast, the incision is closed.  Special care is always taken to avoid any noticeable scar.
After the augmentation of the first breast is completed, Dr. Turowski will do the same for the second breast, all the while ensuring symmetry and balance between the two.
Length of time in surgery ​can of course vary from patient to patient, but you can expect your entire procedure to take ​about one hour.
Your torso area will be wrapped in compressive dressings for the night.  The following morning these can be removed and you will then be able to wear a soft bra.
Dr. Turowski and his team will place a “pain pump”, On-Q pain control system during surgery that will continue to deliver local anesthetic directly to the surgical site.  This device provides 24 hours of additional pain relief to get you through the period right after surgery when the discomfort can be significant.  The device is easily removed during your postoperative visit the day after surgery.
Since it is performed on an outpatient basis, you will be able to go home shortly after your surgery. Typically, women are back to their daily activities, with minimal swelling and bruising, within a few days; exercise and sports in a few weeks.
If you are thinking about getting a breast lift or breast lift in combination with breast augmentation or reduction surgery, give the team at New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery ​in Chicago a call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Turowski.  He will answer all your questions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Men Only Event - Only 2 days left

For those wanting to learn more about hair loss treatment and fat reduction without scalpel and stitches sign up for a seminar with DR Turowski -this Thursday evening Dr Gregory Turowski will discuss ARTAS robotic Hair Transplantation and Coolsculpting - both minimally invasive methods of hair restoration and fat reduction - Men Only dinner event - RSPV ASAP 847 674 4646 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ARTAS robotic hair transplantation results before andf after pics

ARTAS robotic hair transplantation provides pernament results with your own hair. FUE techniques requires no scalpel or staples and there is no ugly scar in the back of your head 

Monday, August 25, 2014