Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair transplant revolution

I am amazed by the Neograft hair transplant procedure. It is a game changer like was laparoscopic gallbladder removal versus open procedure revolution which happened in my early surgical days. Not only there is no scar but we can restore old scars, punch grafts, eyebrows etc. Also it can transplant body hair to scalp - i e chest to scalp (!) I am glad to be first in Chicago to offer that

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally revolutionary hair transplant procedure

Comparison od the old "strip" procedure and revolutionary Neograft - amazing difference!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amazing new hair restoration procedure Neograft

As the only practice in Chicago are area we are pleased to offer a new game changing hair restoration procedure. No need for a visible scalp incision, natural results. Learn more at